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The designer makes a stylish candlestick with geometric shapes

Inspired by the love of geometry, computational designer and manufacturer Greg Blanpied has handcrafted incredibly stylish stainless steel candlesticks that far exceed the eye. Based on geometric shapes and patterns naturally formed in nature-such as the Flower of Life, Metatron Cube, and Fibonacci Sequence-these brackets allow you to “experience geometric transformation” because the light from the candle emits complexly through the metal container Shadows. Through a process called stereo projection, the candle projects the three-dimensional pattern of its holder down onto its flat supporting surface. As the candle burns lower and lower, the charming shapes and patterns are deformed and changed. However, true stereo projection only occurs when the flame reaches six inches high.
“As long as I can remember, I have developed a keen interest in geometric forms and light,” Brampide told me of the modern metropolis. “I first explored this interest through macro photography, exploring the world of under-recognized small plants and mushrooms, which have some of the wildest natural shapes you can imagine.
“I found certain geometric patterns, such as the flower of life and the Fibonacci sequence, to be particularly interesting and visually appealing because they are related to shapes and patterns that occur naturally throughout the universe, regardless of size. These patterns in nature Examples include the spatial organization of flowers and leaves, as well as the geometric shapes that naturally appear in rock formations and crystals. I believe that design should improve the world we live in by reflecting and constructing the forms that appear in the natural environment-we create and use in the world The objects and structures should bring us closer to our natural roots, rather than separate us from the natural environment. The earth and each other.”
Blanpied uses algorithmic modeling and specialized computer software to convert natural-inspired two-dimensional patterns into complex 3D spherical designs for his candlesticks. Once completed, the next step is the challenging manufacturing process. Using an advanced manufacturing process called 5-axis laser cutting, these designs are made of stainless steel-a material choice that makes them both durable and sustainable.
To see more of Blancied’s incredible work, follow the artist on Instagram or Facebook. To own one of these gorgeous candlesticks for yourself or to show support for the project, please visit his Kickstarter page to make a commitment.
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Post time: Sep-06-2021

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