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These CleanTok creators show you how to remove odors | People

Even if you are a neat person, there will be a strange smell. The worst part is not knowing where this nasty smell comes from or how to fix it. Fortunately, these TikTok creators survived.
Smelly sinks are one of the most common household odors, but finding the source of the problem can be tricky. This cleaning tip from @royce_renovations shows you how to use dish soap and ice to deodorize a sink.
If you are a fan of vintage furniture, you will know what moldy wood smells like. In order to remove odors without losing the charm of old wooden furniture, try this simple trick from @itstyrosa.
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Pets may be absolutely cute, but they are also very smelly. If you want your home to smell less like your cat or dog, but more like vanilla and sandalwood, try the candle that @willa_nalla swears by.
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Post time: Oct-08-2021

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