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This weekend, treat the dads in life with these special Father’s Day menus from some of Toronto’s top restaurants.
Batifole Bistronomy is making a Prix Fixe x Ready to Grille menu for $65 per person to commemorate Father’s Day. The Gerrard East Bistro offers mint and zucchini crab rolls and duck leg in peach sauce, or dried stale rib-eye steak and spicy lamb Megz sausage. Bonne fête des pères!
This Father’s Day, Junction’s Dirty Food has prepared all three meals for you. Choose from a breakfast set ($46 for 2 people), a backyard barbecue ($88 for 3-4 people), or a Father’s Day Picnic ($38 for 2 people or $71 for 4 people). You can also add beer and cold-pressed juice. The breakfast set includes sirloin benny, French fries, scotch eggs and strawberry rhubarb bread pudding, which looks perfect for a surprise breakfast in bed.
Drake provides many Father’s Day specials for the fashionable “dad/father image/patriarch” in your life. The commissary is preparing a barbecue ribs kit, complete with a whole apple wood smoked ribs, Lot 40 barbecue sauce, napa salad, creamy dill potato salad and jalapeno cornbread (2 servings of $55). The hotel’s specialty is Bucket O’ Chicken X Goose Island beer suitable for picnics: 5 pieces of buttermilk fried chicken, coleslaw, cheddar cheese and jalapeno cornbread, maple sriracha, dill ranch sauce, french fries. Of course there is also the Four Goose Island Beer of your choice ($49).
King West Japanese hotspot Minami will open its bright city terrace on Sundays, but they also offer take-out wagyu and temaki packages. Two 6 oz pieces are included with the Wagyu kit. Wagyu beef tenderloin with Sansho Sauce, Mustard Kimchi, Japanese Potato Salad, Brussels Sprouts and Soy Shiitake Mushrooms. The temaki hand roll set includes a variety of thorn fish, including akami, Atlantic salmon, hamachi, and cucumber, as well as chirashi sushi and seaweed.
Asia-Caribbean Soul Foods United Patois has a truly stacked Father’s Day set: Ginger Beer Drum Pot Chicken, Smoked Rum BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Coconut Bread, Creamy Jamaican Coleslaw, Island Potato Salad, Plantain Chips and Red Striped Pale Ale (4-6 servings) 125 USD). Need napkins. The street terrace of Patois will also be open for outdoor dining on important days.
Filipino newcomer Tala collaborated with Apothogeri and Tito Parley’s ($84 for 2 people or $185 for 4 people) to enjoy the complete Father’s Day experience. The kit includes three Apothegeri candles (wild horse salt, tapioca and kape), Tito Parley’s non-competitive cups (wild horse salt and mango floats), and their kamayan dinner, including chicken nose, pork barbecue skewers, milkfish, Shrimp, mussels, grilled pineapple, okra, eggplant, garlic rice and mango/carrot salad).

Post time: Jun-21-2021

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