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Some Easter eggs are relatively easy to find and will probably stick out like a thumb for most players. Others, however, require a keen eye and are difficult to find. We have described how to get five Easter eggs in what we know as Fortunes Keep; we will update this list as more are discovered over time.
The first Easter egg requires the player to move to the Fortress of Fortune graveyard. From here, you’ll find three candles around the area that can be lit. After that, you must go to a lonely tombstone near one of the candles.
Pay your respects by pressing “F”. By interacting with him, you will summon a zombie that you need to kill. Zombies are very tough, so be prepared to stuff a fair amount of ammo inside. But once a zombie falls, it drops some items, a weapon, and a self-healing item, which is a very ironic but useful item.
This Easter Egg requires players to visit a hidden vault to unlock some cool rewards. You can start by looking for two bottles of wine in a room in the Terraces building. You can usually find them on tables or bookshelves; take them to your nearest Keep POI store.
In Keep, you need to find the dining room on the second floor. Look for the long dining table in the center of this floor. Once there, place the bottle on the table and a secret door will open behind the shelf, in which you will find weapons, money, a golden ax and a shield that you must collect.
This easter egg is easy to make (unless you get shot) and you need to head to the winery and find the fountain in the center. Once there, throw some money into the fountain and an item or weapon will appear.
We’re also not sure if the amount of money you put in the fountain determines what you get, as what comes out seems to be random. However, if this information changes, we will update this list.
This is probably the most obvious Easter egg shape, but you might miss it when trying to stay alive in Fortunes Keep. This easter egg requires players to find a shovel in a graveyard or beach and search the beach for suspicious dunes.
Once you find these dunes, you can dig them up to get some valuable treasures like items, weapons, and gear for your hard work. The bay area of ​​the island is littered with many of these debris. So stay tuned so you don’t miss anything.
You can find the last Easter egg by interacting with the dart board in the pub in town. Throwing a bullseye throwing knife on the board will unlock another secret room on the right, and inside you will find a special weapon as a reward for your detective skills.
While there aren’t many rewards in this room, it’s a great easter egg to use early in the game to get powerful weapons. This is easy to do and does not require any special training as there is a throwing knife outside the bar.
Here’s everything you need to know to find all the Easter eggs in Fortunes Keep, happy hunting.
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Post time: Aug-16-2022

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