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With blissful and divine scents, Aldi Hotel Collection candles are now on sale for half the price while stock lasts – the perfect solution for creating affordable luxury in your home.
Aldi shoppers love beautiful candles, so it’s no surprise that these popular Aldi Hotel Collection candles are selling out so fast. They are available in two different fragrances: Blissful with hints of sandalwood and amber, and Divine with notes of violet flowers and vanilla.
This beautiful candle will bring the scent of amber and sandalwood into your home. Beautifully presented in a tinted rose glass jar, it burns for up to 45 hours.
This sandalwood and amber scented candle is the perfect fragrance for quiet meditative moments. It will be a wonderful gift for those who deserve rest and relaxation. Or, why not treat yourself to an evening at home – a warm bath, delicious drinks, scented candles – they call it bliss for a reason!
With a light vanilla and violet flower scent, housed in a pale pink glass jar, this is a great candle that burns up to 45 hours.
Everyone loves the scent of vanilla, so this is the perfect candle when you need a gift. Whether you add it to a homemade Christmas basket for a special someone or give it to your teacher at the end of the year as a teacher gift, you can’t go wrong hiding a vanilla violet flower candle in your current closet – Especially at £1.99 each!
Customers love these Aldi Hotel Collection candles. “Peace and love,” wrote one happy customer in their 5-star online review. “It’s so relaxing. I lit this when I started meditating. It adds to the atmosphere.
Another reviewer who bought an orange blossom scented candle in a previous sale described the Aldi’s Hotel Collection candles as “amazing” value for money. “It took an hour or so for the fragrance to come out, but it was fantastic,” she added.
“I work at a spa and we sell orange blossom candles for 5-6 times the price. I also bought sacred candles which are lovely and soft. I’ll be ordering a few more before they run out.
Aldi candles have recently made headlines because customers think they smell the same as Jo Malone candles, but cheaper. The Aldi Hotel Collection Lime, Basil and Mandarin Glass Candle (opens in a new tab) is a Jo Malone hoax, but it only costs £3.49.
The Aldi Hotel Collection Oud and Bergamot Candles are currently out of stock, but Aldi buyers swear it’s the perfect Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot Home Candle(opens in a new tab) scam – no £65 price tag.
Blissful and divinely scented, Aldi Hotel Collection Candles are available for £3.95 with delivery within 3-5 business days. Or you can save on fees and order online for just £2.95 with the Aldi CollectPlus service.
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You can order Aldi Specialbuys online a week in advance and the items will go on sale in the store.
These are our favorite home and garden deals from today’s Aldi Specialbuy deals, many of which are exclusive online and not available in store.
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