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Household candles

diptyque is expanding its line of highly sought-after scented products with the launch of “La Droguerie” – a line of household cleaning products.
Blending beauty, utility and domesticity, the latest collection is perfect for enhancing your home while keeping your space green.The collection includes items for the kitchen, laundry, bedroom and living room, and its liquid formula is made up of 99% natural and biodegradable ingredients.The complete product lineup—minus deodorant candles—has been approved by the organic certification organization ECOCERT.The bottles in this collection are made from recycled glass and are sold without boxes or instructions.
For the kitchen, diptyque created a dishwashing liquid flavored with orange blossom, citrus and basil, as well as a dishwashing brush.The all-purpose surface cleaner contains vinegar scented with lavender, cedar and fig trees that can be used to degrease anything in the kitchen and bathroom.
Elsewhere, the French perfumer has created a deodorant candle specifically designed to eliminate any odors from cooking, unwashed laundry, and more.The collection also includes leather and wood care lotions for waxing and polishing any home furniture, as well as ceramics for wool and delicate textiles that keep cashmere pullovers, wool coats and scarves away from moths.
Peep the full collection below.Priced from HK$130 (about $17) for a dish brush to HK$560 (about $71) for a deodorant candle, diptyque’s “La Droguerie” is now available in stores.

Post time: Aug-01-2022

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