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Few objects can enhance the atmosphere of your home like candles. With the light of the wick, the candle can fill your space with a delicious fragrance, and at the same time can add a lot of mood lighting and help relieve all your depressed pressure.
The good news is that with Target, you can fill your home with luxurious candles without spending a fortune. In addition to solving all of our home decoration needs, this large retailer also offers hundreds of candles to choose from, from wood and musk to fresh and clean. Although the price of designer candles can be as high as $50 (or more!), most of Target’s products are only a fraction of that price.
In addition to Target’s best sellers, we have compiled our tried and tested favorites, all of which are at $20 or less.
Let us figure out the obvious situation here-this candle is very unique. Project 62 is housed in a minimalist black ceramic jar. It exudes an alluring scent of ebony and musk, with the smell of leather and amber. It immediately became the editor’s favorite.
We can’t get enough comfort in the life of CNN Underscored, and we guess you feel the same. A quick way to improve the comfort of your home is to use this Opalhouse beauty product, which exudes the aroma of caramel and tobacco, and is placed in a beautiful glass jar with a brass lid. This candle has more than 200 positive reviews and a 4.5-star rating, and is a best-selling product.
When we first learned that the smell of Target candles was exactly the same as Harry Styles, it was clear that we had to learn more. It turns out that Threshold’s Cashmere Vanilla Candle is shocking, and we think it will also have a watermelon scent — almost exactly the same as Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille perfume. As we all know, the singer wears this perfume 24/7. Although the original candles are already sold out, Threshold does provide the same scent in various other forms, and yes, we will need all of them.
As a devotee of Joanna Gaines, we have launched almost all of her Hearth & Hand with Magnolia products for Target, including unique brown glass candles. The price of this product is unbeatable. It combines the fragrance of fresh magnolia and wood to create an immediate and comfortable atmosphere for your space.
Fortunately, Project 62 has produced several versions of unique ceramic pot candles, which did not disappoint. The three-wick candle has a sweet and musky aroma. It is packed in a peach-colored wide-mouthed container, and it will look beautiful no matter where you put it.
We have tried this beautiful candle ourselves and have bought a few spares-because we never want it to run out. The candle exudes the fragrance of spices and leather, and is contained in a beautiful stained glass jar with a brass lid.
If you are already counting down the days before the return of autumn, then this is the candle for you. It smells of roasted chestnuts, brown sugar pecans and cinnamon, with acorns, maple trees and autumn leaves. It’s basically autumn in a jar.
If you are like us, you know that you must have a pile of vanilla candles on hand, and the candle in Threshold is obvious. This editor-approved candle costs only $5 and is housed in a chic glass jar (with a silver lid!), whether it is on the coffee table or illuminates the mantle, it looks like home.
This candle exudes the super relaxing scent commonly found in high-end spas. It is packed in a cute container, and once you run out of the last drop of paraffin, it will beg to be a pen holder or bathroom item. Love it very much. Do you want more? Simply upgrade from the 9-ounce option to the 14-ounce version for an additional $5.
This gorgeous candle comes from Freres Branchiaux, a brand owned by Black. It exudes a rich smell of vanilla cream, cloves, amber, and musk. Really, who can resist a name like “This Woman’s Work” inspired by that gorgeous Maxwell song? We also tried and liked the brand’s Lavender Crush candles.
When we walk out of the long winter into the spring, a bright and cheerful candle is essential. This three-core option will get the job done. The lively smell of lemon and grapefruit, all in the same wide-mouth ceramic jar from Project 62, is a little fascinating for us.
This stylish candle comes with Studio McGee’s seal of approval. Whether it is placed on the bedside table or in the dressing room, it will look gorgeous no matter where it falls. We like the ridged texture of the jar and the fragrance of fresh orange blossom.
This editor-approved Project 62 candle is simple and modern. It is made of coconut wax and soy wax and is packed in a neutral-toned jar that looks like what you find from an expensive Brooklyn boutique. Offering three fragrances, Ylang Ylang and Eucalyptus are our top choices because of their very fresh fragrance.
We said it before and we will say it again: the price of this candle in other places is at least three times that of other places! The three-wick candle has a serious Japandi atmosphere and exudes a natural citrus scent, which is immediately uplifting. It is packed in a creamy ceramic pot and you can continue to use it for a long time after the candle has melted.
After staying at home for almost a year, we all agree that some beach time will be very much needed in 2021. However, this ocean air scented candle can’t do it until we land on the beach. This candle mixes the scents of moss, lime and sea mist, and is packed in a unique brown glass jar with a lovely wooden lid.
The three-wick candle is one of our favorite things to buy now. This simple choice from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia is very suitable for those who like the unique aesthetics of the decoration of the farmhouse. This candle is housed in an earthy blue toned oversized ceramic ramen, exuding a fragrance of juniper and cedar, which can instantly refresh any room.
This beautiful candle is packed in a tall sea glass jar, giving you a touch of beach atmosphere at home. The most popular of Project 62 is a larger version with a lid, which costs $5 more, and many other fragrances.
Who is ready to go to Tahiti…like, now? we are. However, when we study the water bungalows, this candle will immerse all of us in the Tahiti mentality, thanks to its floral, wood and musk fragrance. For an extra $3, you can upgrade to the 19-ounce version, which can increase the burn time by approximately 20 hours.
Dare we say that this is the most eye-catching candle on our list? The monochromatic ceramic pot exudes a unique atmosphere, and the candle itself exudes the aroma of sea salt. That’s it.
As a longtime seller of Target, Cashmere Plum candles are very popular for their scent-like scent-many of the 180 reviewers hope that they will become the perfume version of candles! The candle is packed in a gorgeous glass jar that looks much more expensive than it actually is. There are other sizes and containers to choose from, you can check it out here.
We found it, guys. For those cloudy, cold, and humid days, the perfect candle, all you want to do is wander around and put on a comfortable sweater, you guessed it. The scent of wool, lavender, vanilla and musk exudes. Whenever it is lit, the gray-toned candle will exude cozy warmth.
We are very fascinated by Opalhouse’s latest and interesting candle series, all of which have colorful labels and unique brass lids. This one is very suitable for spring, because now who doesn’t crave a glass of cold lemonade?
Candles are as important outdoors as they are outdoors, which is why we included this beauty product with a hint of citronella on our list. This candle has three wicks and a unique ceramic clay bowl, which can keep nasty bugs away from you all summer, and the scent of citronella will not overwhelm you.
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Post time: Jun-08-2021

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