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Karl Lohnes: Provide three affordable and stylish gifts for your holiday party host

Are you in a full vacation entertainment mode?I know I am.I have been invited to some small gatherings, so I have been considering some hosts to thank them for their efforts.
It’s so far away from December, I want to give a token that doesn’t look like Christmas, so it can be used after the holidays.I like these classic, practical and stylish custody gifts. They will not break the bank and will be very popular in the new year.If the gift you want to give is not a refilled bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, I have already provided you with a guarantee.
Candles are always popular gifts, but I think they are like wine or perfume-you need to know your host well to choose their favorite candles.If in doubt, choose a tasteless off-white column because they are neutral enough to blend into any decoration and can be displayed in a glass vase or a combination on a decorative tray.
I like the safety and ease of maintenance of LED candles-they are perfect for unattended spaces, such as powder rooms and guest rooms, or for teenagers who like the look of candles in their bedrooms.I found the best value suit in Giant Tiger.The LED remote flameless candle set ($15) allows you to change the flicker of the candles and turn them on and off with the click of a button.
Want to display candles high on a shelf or window sill?The remote control is a genius in this regard, and there is no need to use a stepladder.
The more parties I attend, the more I noticed that most people don’t have the right ice bucket.Plastic or glass salad bowls seem to be the first choice, sometimes it is an open ice pack placed in the kitchen sink.
A classic ice bucket, with a lid to prevent the ice from melting, is the staple food of my family.In a pinch, I even knew that I would remove the lid and use the bucket as a sturdy vase, and that the lid can also make an excellent cookie jar.
I found a classic brushed gold and chrome 1960s style bucket on HomeSense for $25.I tend to decorate with eclectic and retro accessories because they look like past lives with many stories, and this barrel is a good start for conversation.I might tell people that this beauty has spent her glorious years at a party in the Sinatra penthouse.
The reed diffuser provides a simple, safe and trouble-free way to radiate household smells.The liquid is sucked into the wood reeds, naturally releasing the smell into the air.The more air flows, the more odors are sucked into the air from the diffuser.This is very convenient for artists who don’t want to worry about the safety of burning scented candles or using indoor sprays.
I have been looking for natural fragrances-if you are worried about guessing another person’s scent preferences, this is the best choice-and Gry Mattr’s Woodland reed diffuser (Staples costs $23) is based on its natural herbal and sandalwood notes. Attractive, they are fresh and elegant and not very Christmas.
During the party, place a diffuser in the high-traffic areas such as the foyer and living room to allow the smell to spread throughout the home as people circulate.Or put one in a walk-in closet or powder room-it will activate more subtle scents in low-traffic areas.
Do you have a decorative dilemma or want to provide feedback?You can contact Karl on Instagram @karl_lohnes.
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Post time: Dec-27-2021

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