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Kourtney Kardashian and fiance Travis Barker's "intimate" wedding plan with "only close friends and family"

KOURTNEY Kardashian and her fiance Travis Barker’s “intimate” wedding plan will “include only close friends and family.”
Although neither Courtney nor Travis talked publicly about their upcoming wedding, a source recently told E!It is reported that the celebration will only include a small number of close friends and family members.
An informant revealed that Blink-182 musicians and alumni who followed the Kardashian “hope that the wedding will take place this year.”
A source said that the wedding “will not be a grand event”, while another source said that the guest list will only include “close friends and family.”
The second source continued: “They now have a good daily job and spend time with the children in their house.
“It’s very convenient. They definitely want to merge into a family, but they are not in a hurry.”
Meanwhile, Travis is the father of 18-year-old son Langdon and 16-year-old daughter Alabama, with his ex-wife Shanna Mockler.
The informant added that their current plan “works for them now” and added: “Travis and Courtney love each other very much and respect each other very much.
After noting that Courtney had been working hard to plan her dream wedding, another source said: “Although Courtney hopes it will be completed as soon as possible in terms of logistics, it will take some time.”
They added that the event planner and Kardashian’s long-time collaborator Mindy Weiss and Courtney’s mother Chris Jenner were involved in the wedding planning.
“Travis was also involved, but he let Courtney make most of the decisions and hope this is her day.”
Courtney and Travis got engaged on the beach in Montecito in October, months after confirming their relationship in February 2021.
The couple recently visited the same beach where they were engaged last month and embarked on a journey of memories.
As early as November, an insider told Life & Style, “Kourtney is already in wedding planning mode.”
According to sources, fans will have a glimpse of the wedding and shared: “The cameras of the Kardashian couple’s new Hulu series will be rotated, but certain aspects will be kept secret.”
The reality TV star also hopes that their wedding “becomes a memorable day” and intends to spend a lot of money to realize the ceremony and reception of her dreams.
The source said: “This will be a big expense, and she intends to go all out. She wants a beautiful dress, a huge cake, thousands of flowers, and will hire the best catering service in town. .”

Post time: Jan-06-2022

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