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Market news: strolling through the market in mid-season

Parker of River Run Farm helps market guests pack a head of fresh lettuce. Photo by Emma Jane “EJ” Garcia
It’s hard to believe that Sequim Farmers & Artisans Market is over halfway!
For those who have not yet immersed themselves in the magnificent products of Sequim’s vibrant area, we invite you to “walk” through the market with us. We will see you there right away. Take a deep breath… let’s get started!
This is a leisurely morning, and you will feel very relaxed when you come to Sequim’s downtown market. You know, when it comes to fresh seasonal products, the early bird catches the worm. You will hear the sound of 9 o’clock in the morning. First, you want a cup of coffee. You go to Essence Coffee Roasters and order a slightly sweet (please add raw sugar!) hand-baked latte. Java buzzes, and your eyes are brighter.
You follow an enthusiastic biscuit fan to Blue Mountain Baking Co., where you will pick a hand pies that showcases delicious seasonal flavors. Take a step back, taste the elaborate breakfast, and check out this week’s shopping list.
You put your garden shears on the edge of the razor to sharpen, and those should be ready when you leave the market (excellent strategic planning).
Starting from your list, you navigate to Sequim Bee Farm to get a jar of your favorite Meadowfoam honey-you still can’t believe its natural taste like marshmallows! -And, now I want to mix the local honey into… You grabbed one of your favorite locally made teas from Goodness Tea. This week is Mountain Ma’am Chai.
You walk around in the market, ticking on your list to make sure you catch everything you want… and all those things you don’t know you absolutely need to taste. You put a pair of vibrant broccoli heads from Joy Farm in your bag, the juicy leaves of the lettuce heads from River Run Farm begs to be added to your dinner plan, pick up a pint of strawberries from the Oceanside nursery—despite You always choose two because you are experienced and know that a pint can’t finish your car home.
You will marvel at the location of the huge, sweet pink salad radish produced by Jembe Farms. You have stocked the famous garlic of Sea Basket Farm. When you pick up the weekly eggs from the chicken and egg farm, you say hello to Bill and Margarita. You can’t ignore the rosy tomatoes of Beanstalk Farm calling your name. You supplement your vegetables with a pint of dark purple peas from Wildling Farm.
Your bag now contains almost all the colors of the rainbow, but without a can of Olympic Onion Farm’s famous green onion powder sprinkled on all of your delicious dishes for the week, preparing these dishes will not be complete.
With a fresh-cut bouquet of Emily’s Flowers under your armpit, you will visit Finnriver Farm & Cidery and Hurricane Hills Winery to see the seasonal and fresh things in the local wine world, thus ending this gourmet journey.
It’s time to think about health. Without the stay of Sativa Valley Essentials, any market visit would be incomplete. This is a one-stop shop that provides farm CBD creations from the interior to the local. You will stop and think that your soap cabinet has become a bit low, so you will choose Smoothie Essentials or Slippery Slope Candle and Soap for an olfactory journey in a handmade bar.
After chatting with Sequim Bike Works-what’s the new noise from your bike chain? -Then it’s time to enjoy a lunch of smoked salmon soup and farm fresh salad from Red’s at the Market.
At Centennial Place (located on the corner of Washington Street and Sequim Avenue), you can browse the incredible talent showcase of Clarham County. You can see the handmade works of Wicked Brooms, the wild peninsula-style pottery of Madrona Ridge, the crafted goods of Snow Creek Leather, and BlissPillow’s millet shell healing pillow waiting for you.
You even have the opportunity to talk to local children’s writer Mary B. Truly to learn about the creative process behind her work.
Back in Town Hall Square (on Washington Street and Cedar Street), you will notice that artists express themselves through various media. To fill in the annoying blanks on the walls of your home, you carefully read Melinda Reed’s paintings and the coastal-inspired wood carvings in Behind the Sea.
You pick up your second lace weave from PNW GIRL. “This will be a gift,” you assure yourself, knowing secretly that it is about to enter your entrance.
Practical home art such as wooden bowls, cutting boards and pepper grinders crafted by Northwest Beach Works abound. Brightly colored ceramic cups, carafe and plates dazzled in the pottery art booth.
Before deciding to choose two, you can browse a lively display of upgraded recycled carpets at Raggedy Rugs. You let your nose guide you to smell your favorite Dougerly Candle Co hand-poured candle scent.
Looking for the perfect decoration to give to friends, you can have a charming chat with Erica of Wheat Stalk Boutique while browsing her brass works. Susan from Rockin’ Rocks will take you through her collection of polished and wear-resistant gemstones and understand your personal taste.
With full shopping bags and hearts, you wave goodbye to your friends and neighbors, and bid farewell to your favorite market this week.
At home, you kindly open the goods of the Saturday market and reflect on how lucky you are to live in a community. In this community, many things we need can be directly obtained from the people we care about most, our communities, and friends. Purchase with neighbors.
Visit your community market at Sequim City Hall Plaza on North Sequim Avenue and West Cedar Street, and Centennial Place at the intersection of Sequim Avenue and Washington Street.
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Post time: Sep-13-2021

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