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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: 9 Candle Sale You Can’t Miss

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If you missed it, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was officially opened to the public yesterday. Although there are more than 5,000 items to choose from, our first task is to fill our basket with candles. There is no doubt that Nordstrom is one of the best places to buy luxury candles. This promotion offers half price discounts and incredible discounts for top brands such as Diptyque, Jo Malone, Boy Smells and Le Labo.
Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale includes Diptyque’s most iconic candle, Baies, which exudes a decadent… [+] Jam scent, perfect for summer.
If you have purchased the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before, you know that the best deals are usually sold out a few days before the event. In other words, the candle below will not be available for a long time. In addition, with the holidays approaching and autumn approaching, now is the best time to restock the collection. Here, find some of the best candles you can buy right now at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
When it comes to luxury candles, Diptyque is the Holy Grail. This set of mini candles uses the brand’s most popular perfumes, including the iconic Baies Candle, a decadent jam scent that is perfect for summer. Add to that for only $60, and the deal for this set of five luxurious candles is simply unparalleled.
If you have ever shopped in Nordstrom, you may already be familiar with Voluspa candles. This Mini Jar Candle Candle Duo includes French Cade lavender, which is made from the delicate aromas of French cade wood, verbena and lavender; and Apple Blue Clover, an autumn top note made of Andean blue clover, apple and oak moss. . In addition, these gorgeous containers are actually made for repeated use.
Can’t you take a vacation this year? Nest’s grapefruit and Sicilian orange candle sets bring some tropical flair to your home. The classic grapefruit candle is made of rich pink grapefruit grapefruit, lily of the valley and coriander, while the Sicilian orange candle exudes a spicy blend of Sicilian orange with bergamot, mango and passion fruit. Nest candles tend to sell out very quickly, so grab this pair as much as possible!
This candle set contains two of Jo Malone’s most popular perfumes, perfect for gift giving (even if the recipient is yourself). Peony & Blush Suede exudes a delicate and unique floral fragrance, while Lime Basil & Mandarin fills your home with the aromas of fresh lime and rich citrus, weakened by pepper basil and aromatic white thyme. The burning time of both candles is about 45 hours, so you will enjoy these in 2022.
The perfume created by Boy Smells is obviously unassuming, but intoxicating. This limited-edition set of five candles includes floral-based perfumes, ranging from soothing to alluring. Each candle has a burning time of 19 hours, so you can really get value for money.
This L’or de Seraphine candle has a beautiful ceramic container and definitely deserves an important place on your coffee table. Not only cans, there are more things to love here-candles have the scent of sea salt, violets and vetiver, bringing a tropical flavor that reminds you of a sunny summer day all year long.
If a candle can represent the past year and a half, this is it. The Take It Easy candle from Canceled Plans exudes scents of sandalwood, agave, grapefruit, lemon, vanilla, amber and black musk, which really urges you to relax and, as the name suggests, relax. It is also made from a mixture of coconut and apricot wax, so when you light it, they will not float in the air. In addition, candles provide a relaxing atmosphere for 55 hours.
This Le Labo trio is composed of the brand’s popular Santal 26 scent, mainly violet and cardamom, with hints of iris, ambergris, Australian sandalwood and cedar. This is the kind of scent you want to ignite when you host your next cocktail party…or just sip your favorite whiskey and watch Netflix.
If you like a stronger fragrance, please check out the three candle set from Malin + Goetz. The colorful trio includes dark rum prayer candles, hemp prayer candles and leather prayer candles. All three fragrances are warm and spicy, but inviting and comfortable. When the weather turns cooler, these candles will be just right.

Post time: Sep-30-2021

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