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There are some things in autumn that make us all want to add pumpkins and gourds and all the things of autumn in our home. But sometimes these updates feel a bit too much like a theme park.
At StyleBlueprint, our aesthetics range from modern to traditional, but we absolutely love classics and approachable. So, what does this have to do with seasonal home updates in the fall? Easy to maintain and will not make your space look more like a simple addition to a kindergarten classroom, rather than a beautiful, nourishing home!
Both berry-covered stems are perfect for autumn decoration. Put some orange holly in a bowl of mini pumpkins, or wrap the pumpkin with some bittersweet vines. Add to a bottle of autumn flowers, or let them shine by themselves. Wrap some around chandeliers or use them in a cornucopia. You can even put them in the wreath at the front door.
This gorgeous autumn display showcases the bittersweet vines and talents of the Memphis Millstone Market and Nursery. Picture: Millstone Market and Nursery
Here, the Memphis Garden District used some autumn flowers at the wedding in Napa, including orange holly. Picture: Garden District
The orange holly in the vase is beautiful by itself, just like the photo in the garden area. Picture: Garden area.
From mini white to small orange, and even variegated mini, there is nothing better than a bowl of miniature pumpkins on the table to explain the speed of “falling”. Combine them together as the centerpiece of the dining table, or put some in small bowls on the coffee table. Stack them in a large, transparent glass vase for use, or put them individually on a pile of books or bookshelves. Mini pumpkins are not easy to rot, so as long as they avoid direct sunlight every day, most pumpkins will last from September to Thanksgiving.
Buy 20 or so mini pumpkins and pile them into a big bread bowl (or whatever you have on hand) for instant updates in the fall! Image: Lisa Graves
There are so many seasonal pop-up shops to buy pumpkins and flowers, and you can even find variegated varieties like this one. Image: Lisa Graves
This is a quick reminder of a tray that might be placed on the outside porch, like this one. Find two pillar candles and place them on the tray with various candles. Then, fill in all the blanks with mini pumpkins. If you look closely, you will find that these candles are well-loved and often used in this way. Or, insist on offering candles only. Image: Lisa Graves
Autumn is the best time to embrace the timeless tradition of hanging wreaths at the front door. From dry cotton to garlands made entirely of dried flowers, to garlands decorated with small pumpkins and pine cones, there are many options to prepare your front door for this season!
These dried flower wreaths are examples of many different wreaths provided by Millstone Market & Nursery. Picture: Millstone Market and Nursery
More wreaths and fall decorations continue to be added to Digs Home & Garden in Louisville. Picture: Digging
No other flower will immediately say “autumn” like a mother, even if you only want to buy one or two mothers on the side of the front door. My personal favorite is the yellow mother. Why? Their colors are popular on sunny and rainy days. Moreover, I have never had good luck with a white mother—I don’t know why. All other colors are also beautiful, but they seem to fade into the background better than yellow.
These yellow moms are just looking for some sunshine to bloom! These are the flower markets in Nashville. Picture: Flower Market
Use ferns instead of ferns to give your home a “new look”. Or, place ferns in pots and add pumpkins and moms around them. These mothers bought them at the flower market. Image: Lisa Graves
Regardless of the season, we like comfortable blankets, but once the weather starts to improve, soft and warm blankets are always welcome. From cotton blankets to wool blankets, each one has a place in the autumn home. Adding some plaid blankets to the bedding is also a fun way to add seasonal updates to your bedroom.
I have a few 100% cotton blankets made in the United States. They come from the Covered in Cotton company in South Carolina. For only $90, they can make great blankets that last up to a year. However, in the fall, they will definitely be used more! Picture: Wrapped in cotton cloth
These NEWLY blankets are also less than $100, are very soft, and are made of 100% recycled materials. Picture: New
If you want a more luxurious blanket, you can choose alpaca wool, which not only keeps warm but does not affect the softness. Alicia Adams has made such a beautiful blanket to make you feel comfortable underneath. It is available in four colors and can be found in Epergne, Nashville. Picture: Epernay
This is another Alicia Adams blanket in the fall. Epergne is available in a variety of colors. Picture: Epernay
There must be a moment for dried flowers, but one of their popular seasons is autumn. From Limelight hydrangea to yellow yarrow to dry wheat, these flowers are also very scented, because it is obvious that they don’t need water and won’t die on you!
The Golden Slipper is hidden in a comfortable corner near the German town of Nashville, with various stems spinning. Picture: Alissa Harb
To further inspire you to understand the charm of dried flowers, please check out the hydrangea on this Christmas tree. If you have cone-shaped hydrangeas in your garden, cut them out before freezing for the first time. You will have beautiful autumn bouquets, which are very well dried. If the stems are long enough, you can easily reuse them in your tree in December. Image: Lisa Graves
The smell just penetrates all the noise and hits your emotions. They make you feel immediately comfortable, but autumn is comfortable and comfortable. In addition, it is not necessarily the smell of pumpkin spice to let you know that it is autumn. Think of cider, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, maple or wood. The candles in the entrance and living area make the whole family feel like a big hug.
Even the name of this candle implies “autumn”, or at least cold weather! Grey Flannel is made by Gold + Ivy, one of our favorite southern candle manufacturers, with hints of cedar, vanilla and musk. Picture: Golden + Ivy
This candle from Ranger Station will leave you with a whiskey glass after the candle burns. The fragrance is tobacco and musk. Picture: Ranger Station
In the kitchen, replace the lemon with a bowl full of green apples and apples. Not only are they an innocent and tempting snack, but they also increase life in the way of living plants. And color? Nothing can compare to it!
Note the bowl of apples on the counter below the window. This kitchen has been completely renovated with the talented vision of Beth Haley Design, and the bowl of apples is even more popular! Image: Designed by Beth Hayley
It’s autumn. Abandon the white candles and use some dark berry colors, some green, and some navy blue. They add such a wonderful autumn feel to the dining table or mantelpiece.
For many years, white cone candles have been the first choice for all seasons, but now colored candles are making a comeback. This beautiful dinner table scene was designed with the help of the garden area. Picture: Garden District
Don’t be afraid to use a very deep jewel-toned cone candle like this one. This table was designed by Mrs. Southern Society, this is an account to follow various table inspirations on Instagram! Image: Leslie Mitchell
When it comes to the autumn table, changing your usual placemats and napkins is an instant way to make each meal represent the season. Pair with checkered napkins, gemstone tones or traditional autumn colors. If you don’t like cloth napkins, please consider trying again. Yes, they are troublesome to wash, but if you wash them, then flatten them to dry, and then bypass the dryer altogether, they are easy. You can even fold them up when they are wet, and then put them in a cool place to completely dry them.
These orange checkered cloth napkins will immediately update your autumn table. These were found in Epernay.
This beautiful table setting is made up of items provided by Memphis’ Social. With autumn-inspired pheasant plates and Italian-made elevated placemats, this setting is absolutely stunning! Picture: Social
And, who can resist these sweet bears and autumn napkins? Find them in Epergne, Nashville. Picture: Epernay
Speaking of tablecloths, these John Robshaw sheets from A’Mano in Birmingham are so beautiful that people scream, “Hello, autumn!” Picture: A’Mano.
You have it! From a bowl of green apples to some orange holly to the glow of some warm candles, nothing can add some comfort to your home more than a simple autumn decoration exchange!

Post time: Sep-22-2021

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