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Crafty dollar tree lover Bethany called Bargain Bethany on social media, listing items she believes will instantly make your abode look totally gorgeous.
In the YouTube video, the first thing Dollar Tree fans mention is marble contact paper.
“I’ve used different brands of marbled contact paper before, and you can use it to give anything that glamorous high-end look right away,” she said.
You can simply decorate with them or make them look like fake stones by mixing chalk paint and baking soda.
Bethany also suggested using Dollar Tree’s glass candle holders for candle holders, and even said she has incorporated them into her own wedding.
“I think it’s a great option, and I think they do have that high-end look because they’re clear glass,” she explained.
“It didn’t seem the most realistic, but it still gave off the vibe you wanted to go for. I had the vibe of a candle sitting there.
“Don’t get me wrong, I like to burn a fragrant candle, but I don’t want to burn more than one at a time. With LED lights, I can light a bunch at a time, and I don’t have to worry about it burning down my house.”
Also on the list is a silver platter, the perfect ornament or a convenient and luxurious way to display knickknacks.
“I love pairing them with Dollar Tree’s glass vases and Dollar Tree’s glass mirrors. I love making mirror boxes and adding them to them,” explains Bethany.
“Almost all dollar tree mirrors. They have decorative dollar tree mirrors and they just have a solid frame around their mirrors.
“They have those in picture frames. Dollar Tree mirrors make high-end pieces. You can make them with these.
“I’ve used Dollar Tree mirrors many times in the past to make beautiful pieces. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve made with Dollar Tree products.”
The YouTuber also lists square plates, green plant stems, cube candles as high-end statement pieces, and glass jars for organizing items like oats, seeds, and rice in the pantry.
And, referring to plastic organizers, Bethany says, “When it comes to dollar tree plastic organizers, look for neutral colors. Gray, white, black. These are great for organizing your home and giving it a chic look.”
“You’re so cute! I bought a whole set of square cutlery. Love it! I also bought glass jars and used them to hold cotton balls and swabs in the bathroom. I use the taller ones in the kitchen.”
“I absolutely love the dollar tree!!!! Thank you for the tip about just [decorating] the vase as it is!! Love it, bless it.”
“I think those square bubble candles are actually cool. They look fun. You showed me something I didn’t know the Dollar Tree had, and I appreciate it,” said the last viewer.
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Post time: Jun-20-2022

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