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The trendiest candlesticks and candlesticks for the holiday table

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A candle’s journey is worth watching from start to finish – especially when it’s a unique candle.Whether placed on a coffee table, mantle or dining table, it adds fun and special moments to your home.Decorative tapered candles create an atmosphere even when extinguished!As you plan your holiday decorations, we’ve found the prettiest candles and candlesticks that will make your decorating easier (and prettier) this year.
Architectural candle holders are a fun way to mix up your tabletop for the most memorable winter months.To make one, light your favorite Christmas scented candle while your unscented cone candle entertains your guests in a new shape that takes on throughout the night.Add a chic flower arrangement to match and you’ll never stop snapping your stunning spread photos.Below, we’ve listed our favorite candles that feature fun sculptural shapes, funky designs, and all the glitz and glamour for the most festive time of the year.Some of these mesmerizing candles are under $10 and look just as amazing when the wax pools!Your desktop landscape deserves this simple and chic upgrade.
Choose from a range of dreamy pastels with or without fragrance.These monochrome disco cubes will easily make your holiday happy and bright.
What better way to start a party than with a candle in the style of Mardi Gras?This tapered candle set features an eye-catching mix of gold and bright green that will look better with every use.
Arrange these beautiful candlesticks in clusters or in various positions on a tablecloth for an elegant ambience.
This North Pole Worth candle is beautifully designed with a Christmas pattern.This is a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.
Keep the room buzzing as your candles divert guests’ attention from the kitchen to appetizer time.
Friends of forest and beach totem candles, this earthy green candle is a fun pop of color to put on your desk.
Whether your decor is traditional or modern, this stylish candle holder is available in over 20 colors!
Wistful and enchanting, this candle represents the bittersweet moment when a great night comes to an end.
This is a piece of art to watch while clearing your plate for dessert.Each sculptural candle is poured by hand in London.
This stand and base, designed by Christiane Lemieux, holds your candle aloft to watch the candle of your choice melt from golden hour to evening.
If you’re looking for different heights and shapes on your table, place this terracotta geometric candle on a wide-bottomed candle holder.It is also available in four attractive shades.
Choose a pair of electric blue candles that are cool enough not to be lit.You can easily bring it from the table to your cape.
Set the table with this striking mauve glass from Murano glassblower Davide Fuin.If you love themed dinner parties, this Italian candle holder will keep things outdoors even if you’re indoors.
Sometimes awkward moments are leaning over at dinner parties.This quirky candle holder is sure to make your guests laugh.
You will be blown away by the beauty of this candle burning, revealing the dried flowers in the wax.

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