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“Tick, tick… bang!” Easter eggs prove Lin Manuel Miranda’s genius

Tell me what you think of Lin-Manuel Miranda, but it is undeniable that this person likes Easter eggs. Hamilton is a three-hour live hip-hop reference game. The film “Highland”, which was adapted last summer, contains more than a little nod to the other touchstones of his life and career. So, not surprisingly, his directorial debut, Netflix adapted from Jonathan Larson’s musical “Tick, Tick…Boom!” “It also contains a lot of Easter eggs. There were about a thousand Broadway guest appearances and nods on classic shows, such as with George in the park on Sunday. But one of Miranda’s biggest impacts is of course rent.
Larson began writing Rent in 1989 while waiting for a table at Moondance Diner in New York City. After a seminar in 1993, the show premiered on Off Broadway in January 1996 and quickly became a hot topic. However, Larson never saw how successful his musical became—he died of an aortic dissection on the day of Rent’s debut.
Another Larson musical, ticking, ticking… boom! , Has never become a phenomenon like Rent, but with the release of Miranda’s new film, this phenomenon is expected to change, starring Andrew Garfield Larson. “When talking about this movie, Garfield told the hustle in this month’s cover story, “There is such a childish 8-year-old [about Miranda's quality], this is the same. ” “Everything is possible. ”
Over the years, several supporting actors of this film have performed in various works of “Loan”. Mj Rodriguez plays Carolyn, a friend and restaurant colleague of Jon, as an angel in the 2011 off-Broadway revival. Robin de Jesús as Jon’s best friend Michael, made his Broadway debut in the show, played a minor role in the show’s 2005 works, and acted as Angel’s substitute. Vanessa Hudgens, who plays singer Karessa Johnson, played Mimi and Maureen in the Hollywood Bowl production, and the latter played the latter in Rent: Live on Fox in 2019.
In the early days of Tick, Tick… Boom!, Jon used the nickname “Pookie” to address Michael when he entered the apartment. Rent fans will remember the little love Maureen uses for her lover when she wants something-in the song “Tango: Maureen”, Mark asks, “Did she puck up her lips to call you? Pookie?”-This annoys Mark and Joanne.
When Jon participated in a focus group performance at Michael Advertising, an executive played by Tony Award winner Laura Bennanti asked everyone to conceive of American concepts. After the initial brainstorming session of the group, the phrase “Santa Fe” can be seen on the whiteboard in the background of the frame. New Mexico City is also the name of a song in Rent.
In the star-studded dinner scene when Jon sang “Sunday”, three members of the original Broadway Rent guest performers acted as dancers and choir members: Daphne Rubin-Vega (Mimi), Adam Pascal (Roger) and Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Angel) ).
Joshua Henry, who has been nominated for the Tony Award three times, plays Jon’s friend Roger, who sings with Carressa in the opening number. This character has the same name as the romanticist wearing a guitar in Rent, and both are named after Larson’s good friend and collaborator Roger Bart, who works with Larson at Moondance Diner. (According to Slate, Bart appeared in the opening scene of Tick, Tick… Boom!, with James C. Nicola sitting across from the restaurant, who led the New York theater studio during the Larson era.)
Jon’s answering machine greeting was just that he said the word “talk”. Rent fans will remember that this is the same greeting used by Roger and Mark on the answering machine in the attic.
When Jon fiddled with his keyboard in Superbia’s last climax song, he tapped the opening note of Rent’s famous tune “One Song Glory.” Although it is not an Easter egg itself, another song in the movie “Boho Days” is similar in theme to Rent’s “La Vie Bohème”. When tick, tick… boom! It premiered on Off Broadway in 2001. “Bohemian Era” did not appear on the show, but Miranda added it back to the film adaptation.
In Rent, Mimi works at The Cat Scratch Club (“That’s where I work, I dance,” she sings at Roger in “Light My Candle”). In Tick, Tick… Boom! in a scene where you blink or you will miss it, storefronts appear on busy New York streets.

Post time: Nov-29-2021

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