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What to Do With Leftover Candle Wax: 15 Ways to Reuse Wax

Got a lot of nearly empty candle jars?Learn what to do with leftover candle wax to make use of the last drop
Wondering what to do with leftover candle wax after the wick has run out?Candles are an instant way to add extra light, scent and ambience to your home.
So instead of boxing the best home fragrances, learn how to reuse, repurpose and recycle the contents of candle jars.There are plenty of easy craft projects to try at home, and there are even tips to save you time and money by not spending money on things you don’t necessarily want to spend.
From refurbished shoes to tiny tea lights, from insect repellent to skateboard lubricant, there are plenty of ways to use soy, bee, and paraffin in and around your home.So if you don’t want to dump the container’s cooling residue in the bin, here’s how to dispose of extra candle wax.
Wax pie comes to mind immediately when deciding what to do with leftover candle wax.If you don’t know how to DIY melt yet, we have the easiest 6-step tutorial with step-by-step images to guide you through the process.
Use them with a wax burner to gently air the air with your favorite scent.If the smell of your spent candle wax is a little faint, you can supplement the top note with a drop or two of essential oil.Even better, check out our essential oil recipes to create a complex blend for a luxurious spa experience at home.
Like the marble wax stove in the picture?This expensive-looking accessory is available from Amazon’s EQUASUPRO store, and it’s cheaper than you might think!
The best candles burn for hours, but when they’re burned to the bottom – don’t waste any residual wax.Instead, use every drop to create a miniature version of your favorite evil wax.
“Tea lights are basically miniature candles in a light metal or plastic cup,” explains Teri Johnson, founder of Harlem Candle Company.
“You just need some leftover wax, an empty small candle cup, and a small candle wick to make one. Cups and wicks are very inexpensive and can be purchased from your local craft store or Amazon,” says Johnson.
“To make small candles from leftover candle wax, simply remove the wax from the jar and melt it into a new small candle container.”
If you’re wondering how to get rid of mosquitoes in your home, a range of repellents are usually available in retail stores and online.However, these are usually sold at premium prices.Instead, you can ward off these pests by making your own citronella-scented candles using excess soy wax and citronella oil (which you can buy from Gya Labs on Amazon).
Mosquitoes also hate lemon eucalyptus oil, as well as lavender, cinnamon, geranium, thyme, and tea tree.Therefore, you can also create a variety of single oil-displacing agents or mix your own essential oil formulations to combine with candle wax.
This treatment tends to work with unscented, unscented candles or wax lamps that contain an oily scent that complements your desired scent.
The twisted candle trend is all the rage on TikTok, so if you don’t have the budget for Urban Outfitters’ Paddywax twisted cone candle – make your own.
If you’ve left some tall cone candles (like these from Amazon) at a formal dinner party, don’t throw them in the trash.With a little hot water and some careful styling, learning how to make a twisted candle only takes a few minutes.It’s also a lot cheaper than UO products, and you’re not limited to the green or gold colorways that are available on site.
If you find holes in underwear and socks (not made by you) – you probably have moths.But, while moth balls can do the trick, they’re not very fashionable (and contain toxic chemicals)
On the other hand, textile bags filled with scented candles in your underwear and sock drawers are a chic option.Find pre-made bags online, or use offcuts from your favorite fabrics (or get them for free at Neptune) to fit your plan.While linen is a refreshing choice for modern bedrooms and dressing rooms, burlap works well in traditional or country-style rooms.
‘Another way to enjoy the scent of your favorite candles is to turn leftover wax into lovely fragrance pouches.These are great for adding a pleasing scent to closets, clothes drawers or even small spaces in your car.Johnson said.
Or, if you’re looking for how to get rid of pantry moths, store these bags in your pantry to keep these pests out of your storage cabinet.Just make sure your foods are stored in airtight containers so they don’t absorb the smell of essential oils.
Bring some royal hard-core (ahem, Bridgeton-esque) vibe to your stationery set by sealing your letters with a personalised wax seal.Heart Stamp Wax Prints from Hobbycraft are the perfect DIY wedding invitation add-on, or for a more custom touch, buy your initials from TELOSMA on Amazon.
There’s nothing quite like letting your best fireplace go for relaxing summer entertaining and fall evenings.But there’s one way you can really make the most of the experience—with a scented igniter.
These lighters work almost like outdoor incense sticks and lighters, scenting the air around you with drops of spiced essential oil for a pleasant and uplifting experience.
“Like little candles, they burn long enough to turn a stubborn firewood into a raging fire. Plus, they make the cutest gifts. Stack a few on top of each other for all your girlfriends. HelloNest said Stephanie Pollard.
If you really can’t find any cupcake boxes, and your diet means you don’t eat eggs (so you can’t get a carton), then look to nature for a vegan-friendly igniter for your Backyard bonfires add fun.
These animal friendly campfire boosters were originally created by Kim Button, co-owner of the Single Girl DIY blog, and we think they look super cute.We have slightly modified the tutorial to replace the beeswax with soy wax to eliminate the use of animal-derived ingredients.
Although it’s not necessary, adding essential oils (or a custom blend of essential oils) will bring the smell of the holidays to your fire, no matter what month you’re cosy in the pit.
Or, bring them to housewarming as a handmade gift.”Put them in baskets or individually wrap them in cellophane for a great gift,” says Barton.
What do kids have to do with sneakers?If they return from the outdoors with muddy shoes – don’t sweat it because we have a complete guide on how to wash your sneakers.However, if the laces appear to be frayed a bit, there is no need to replace them.Likewise, if your tennis shoes take a hit at the gym or on your daily commute, here’s a low-cost way to repair those frayed ends.
IMPORTANT: If you want to be a super cool mom, try using colored waxes to create a high shrinkage effect.
Does your child think they are the next Tony Hawk?If you allow tweens to have skateboards, skateboard wax will prevent their boards from sticking to concrete and metal.But unless you want them to pester you for pocket money, teach them how to make their own DIY lube (under adult supervision, of course).
Candle making is often a hobby for adults and older kids.But your preschoolers shouldn’t miss out on any fun!If the all-inclusive Crayola set on Amazon is a little too expensive – you can create an unlimited collection of colorful crayons at home for them to play with.
If you’re not sure if your child enjoys drawing with colored crayons, this is a sure-fire way to try and see if they’re artistically gifted – without spending a whole bunch of money.
Got a crafty zipper that won’t budge?If your favorite skirt, dress or pants don’t fit – you don’t need to give it to a tailor.
Damaged window frames can cause all kinds of damage to a home.From sharp wind whistles to draughty cold spots, you need a quick fix.But if you’re waiting for an appointment with a worker (or simply don’t have the budget), leftover candle wax is a short-term solution that can save you money.
Use it the same way you would use caulk to seal holes and air leaks.If insulation is not possible, this is one of many ways to reduce energy bills.
Whether you accidentally got your fingernails on the best coffee table or your pet is using a furniture leg because it’s a new scratch post, no one wants to see something wrong on a newly bought or vintage wood product. Beautiful scratches.But instead of sending it to a recycling facility or posting it as an eBay listing, cover up dents and blemishes with leftover candle wax.
All you need to do is rub wax (we recommend all-purpose white wax) on the affected area to “fill in” the scratches, then follow up with furniture markers to really hide or disguise the problem.
Add an exotic touch to your home with batik cushions, curtains and plenty of wall hangings.This textile technique may be something you learned in college home economics class, but if you don’t know how to add this wax-resistant dye design to your home fabrics – it’s easy and fun to do so.
Now, while this sounds too good to be true, you can make more candles with leftover candle wax.If you’re a householder who likes to buy the same type of candle in multiple areas of your home, you can use the drips and drabs collected from each container to make a full-size candle.
With a couple of glass candle holders (love this retro teal option from Amazon) and some printed labels (invest in Cricut Joyfor Professional Effects), you can pass on your homemade candles as designer branding, or get complacent in your DIY craft.
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