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Where to Buy the Coastal Grandma Look in Vancouver

When Lex Nicoleta sketched out the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic in her original TikTok, she had no way of knowing that she was unraveling a craze that has always been in the hearts of millennials and Gen Z, just below the surface.
Since her video was first posted, coastal granny vibes have been viewed more than a billion times on TikTok, with a 334% increase in global Google searches over the past week as people seek interior design inspiration.More recently, director Nancy Meyers, who along with Diane Keaton has been dubbed the Queen of Grandmothers of the Coast by Nicoletta, posted about the trend on Instagram.
Meyers films, like Something’s Gotta Give, starring Keaton, and It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep, often feature casually elegant older women living in beautiful coastal homes.
Nicoleta produced the video that followed, outlining the aesthetic and lifestyle of the coastal grandmother through movie recommendations, clothing, music, recipes, and of course, the interior design.She has a Pinterest board and Spotify playlist dedicated to the topic.
Here (with the help of the Secret Linen Store), we’ve broken down the components of the trend and rounded up recommendations for where you’ll find them in Vancouver to help you achieve your best coastal grandmother.
If grandma lives by the beach, the color vision should reflect that, start with sand and build from scratch.Shades of beige, cream, beige and sandy brown should abound, then add blue and pale yellow throw pillows, blankets, artwork and vintage trinkets.
The Yaletown Cross makes coastal grandmothers scream with stunning natural wood and wicker pieces (like the Hamptons accent chairs) and French bistro tableware with a retro blue-and-white pattern.
When adding pillows and blankets, the more comfortable the better, layering them to the point where a quirky old grandfather might spontaneously show up and complain about the amount.Repeat with candles when you have enough.
Olive + Wild on Main Street offers a wide selection of pillows, blankets and textiles with large woven baskets.Also, they have column candles in a variety of different colors.Pair it with a white cashmere sweater and you’re done.
From long linen curtains to sundresses, whenever possible, try to create the illusion of a breeze blowing from the ocean.Even better if you can incorporate minimal patterns like stripes, polka dots or delicate flowers.
Langley’s Little White House fits that concept perfectly, as does Monica Hibbs Home Store.But for those who can’t travel long distances, the best place to look in Vancouver is an antique or thrift store, focus your search on light and airy materials.
Flowers are vital for coastal grandmothers and are best picked from a local farmers market in season, or extra points if they come from your own garden.Pair the flowers with a beautiful antique vase with a blue and white pattern that Nancy Meyers will be proud of.
During the period between growing seasons, Parliment Interiors has partnered with Kermodi to create stunning plant arrangements that are high impact and low maintenance so your home is always effortlessly full of life.
The tricky part of the coastal grandmother’s lifestyle is balancing chaos and chaos.The coastal grandmother’s kitchen and living room look original and eclectic, yet organized.The best way to achieve this is to first not overdo the knickknacks and focus on the items you really love, and second to provide ample storage in the form of footrests and sideboards.
CF Interiors is a great place to find large living room pieces that also match the aesthetic and decor of your coastal grandmother.These sand dollar wall art are great because they keep the ambience in place without adding clutter to the surface.

Post time: Apr-25-2022

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